Poorna Wellbeing

Case Studies

20+ years experienced Corporate Leader turned Entrepreneur, who was running 3 retail businesses was not feeling fulfilled. He expressed not using his full potential…

A 43 year old highly capable corporate leader working in a big Indian company was feeling stuck, exhausted and unfulfilled. She blamed her relationships and felt judged.

A 28 year old marketing professional with 5+ years of experience working in an FMCG company wanted clarity about the course of her future – career, life and more.

A 40 year old corporate professional from Singapore wanted to work on his career aspirations. He felt dissatisfied with his career progress and sought clarity.

45 year old Senior Leader in a Retail company who sought success and balance in life. She wanted to explore the balance between “being mode and action mode.”

The Telecom Company wanted to invest in a Leadership Development program for their selected 30 women team. They wanted them to Reflect on their Superpower.

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