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Corporate Trainings

These workshops are facilitated using different modalities like bodywork, movement, visual arts, guided visualisation, visual arts, metaphor tools, painting, claywork, journaling, poetry, mandala, dance and movement and more.

Envisioning for Success

Manifest your Desired Future

We as human beings are gifted with the power of dreaming and visualizing. The right hemisphere of our brain creates visuals of such dreams and they come true when conscious actions are taken to enable manifestation.

This 3/6 hour signature workshop enables professionals to:

  • Get clarity on their desires and envision their desired future
  • Convert them into priorities and outline specific actions
  • Achieve goals and embrace success through evidence-based techniques

Manifest personal and professional goals with ease.

Elevate your Leadership Impact

Leading Self, Teams and Business

Leadership is an art and science. It begins with leading with the art of empathy and self-knowledge and progresses to learn tools to manage teams and business.

This transformative Leadership journey empowers Leaders to develop self-leadership, sharpen their growth mindset, build trust in the teams they lead and learn tools to manage their business through inspiration and strategy.

Get set to become a confident, influential leader at all levels – leading yourself, teams, and business with purpose and conviction.

Experience silence and success like never before!

Power up Team Effectiveness

Together we achieve More

Success and trust are impacted when a team works in silos. To restore trust, you need to break the silos and foster a trusting, harmonious, and creative environment. This enables an increase in team productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The modules we offer are Team visioning, Building trusting teams, Enabling empathy amongst team members, and Enhancing inter-department collaborations.

Pave the way towards collective growth.

Stress Management for Peak Performance

Shift your Thoughts and Emotions

Stress is potent energy. It is the energy that weakens the employees and takes them away from their personal and professional goals. It holds energy negatively and makes an employee disengaged and less productive.

Your team members can now take charge and;

  • Identify thoughts, perceptions, and stressors from high-pressure situations
  • Learn techniques to reduce stress and build resilience
  • Achieve peak performance by managing stressors

Heal, express, and create growth for corporate well-being.

Dialogue with your Body

Listen to your Body deeply

Is success possible without having a strong and efficient body? What if you already are suffering aches and pains, and your mind is suffering from the worries of probable illness?

Come, deeply tune into your body, and listen to the joy and pain inside you, in a safe environment. Learn the unique language of speaking and listening to your body, and discover the stress stored in the body. Using mind-body techniques, let go of the stress, allow healing to come in and feel mentally de-stressed.

Experience the healing powers of movement!

Holistic Wellbeing Series

Harbinger of Well-being

Well-being is a conscious pursuit of balance in the body, emotions, thoughts and spirit. When mindfulness is brought to all aspects of self, employees feel de-stressed, resourceful, productive, and also enjoy a life of well-being.


  • Enable your teams to de-stress, be self-aware, and super-efficient
  • Empower them with simple mindfulness techniques for cultivating balance
  • Enhance their power and create a culture of growth for all

Organize your life and workflow to make time for all that matters.

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