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Eurythmy – A Movement Art for Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Experience Mindfulness in Movement

Imagine a simple form of movement that enables employees to unstuck themselves, and feel rejuvenated in just a few minutes of practice! That’s a possibility with Eurythmy, an art of movement by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

Eurythmy is an art of balanced, integrated, harmonious movement that will;

  • Enliven participants and brings conscious attention to the body and breath
  • Bring about social connection
  • Pause thoughts to redirect them to a space of stillness
  • Enhance creativity, increase productivity, and improve well-being

The 3 levels of the Eurythmy program:

Level 1: Grounding and Centering

In this level the participants will be introduced to foundational Eurythmy movements that promote grounding, presence, and centering. These movements will lay the groundwork for the subsequent modules.

Themes for level 1:

  • Body awareness
  • Spatial awareness – me in space, me with another in space
  • Walking meditation
  • Moving in space with flow and awareness
  • Connect with rhythms

Level 2: Communication and Collaboration

In this level, the participants will explore Eurythmy movements that emphasize communication, teamwork, and synergy among corporate leaders. These movements can enhance nonverbal communication skills and foster a sense of unity.

Themes for level 2:

  • Mirroring and Group movement for synergy
  • Group Circle Movements to enable a shared sense of purpose
  • Harmonious Gestures to enable communication, collaboration, empathy, and active listening
  • Group choreography to enable healing and using the body for success
  • Deep listening in the movement to listen to self, others and the environment

Level 3: Stress Relief and Renewal

In this level, we will provide Eurythmy movements designed to relieve stress, increase energy levels, and encourage self-care practices among corporate leaders.

Themes for Level 3:

  • Release Movements for rejuvenation
  • Rhythmic Movements for increasing vitality
  • Choreographed movement to enhance creativity and teamwork
  • Inner integration-based gestures for daily practice

At the end of the journey, the participants will walk away with:

  1. Leadership Presence – An inner integration, peace and stillness
  2. Leadership Actions – An outer clarity for taking actions in collaboration with others

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