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Self-Mastery Leadership Journey

Taking Charge of your Life

The 7 weeks Self-Mastery Leadership journey is crafted for a cohort of Leaders who desire to access the power of;

  • Habit Mastery – inculcate and sustain resourceful daily habits for living with presence
  • Emotional Mastery – Self-awareness of emotional landscape, transform unresourceful emotions to move towards emotional mastery
  • Energy Mastery – Observe every event as an energetic phenomenon in order to gain control over external situations
  • Leadership Mastery – Envision and create powerful results in every area of life, namely health, relationship, career, finances, leisure, learning, spiritual growth through conscious actions.

With us, take massive strides to achieve your goals.

Emotional Mastery and Resilience Journey

Tune in to your heart-space to live balanced

The nature of emotions is to swing/move from antipathy to sympathy. It has an energy of its own and when untamed can lead to inner havoc and confused Leadership.

This journey is a deep dive into the leader’s emotional landscape, enabling them to understand, acknowledge and transform emotional patterns. It is crafted for leaders who desire to;

  • Reflect on strong emotions from their life history in order to let go the energy that holds them back
  • Enhance their empathy quotient in their work and personal life
  • Step into a new way of managing emotions in a balanced way
  • Transform certain emotional patterns that stop them from living a balanced and peaceful life

Get coached and feel supported in a trusted environment.

Conquer your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Rewire your thoughts for success with inner-peace

Beliefs are the glasses through which we see and interpret self, others and the world. Limiting beliefs are those unconscious thought patterns that stop you from being you, keep you away from opportunities, peace of mind, and achieving the results you desire.

This one-month journey enables leaders to;

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs and the hindrance it has caused in all areas of life
  • Discover the psychology of beliefs and its impact on our current reality
  • Experience the energy of expansive beliefs and its impact on vision & Success
  • Explore the often-repeated limiting belief/s and practice ways to shift them

Create a 10X growth with a fresh, clear, and determined mindset.

The Career Lab

Navigate Career and life transitions with clarity

An intervention for Professionals, Leaders, Entrepreneurs with 10+ years of work experience. It has the potential to assist them in tiding over the mid-career crisis and initiate actions towards their desired career.  The end result is a clear career direction with a solid reason that stands the test of time and life’s confusions. 

This semi structured workshop allows leaders to;

  • Pause space to reflect on your career values, personal values, strengths, and vision
  • Enables letting go off the thoughts and emotions that are blocking you
  • Identify a meaningful career choice

Take the leap to embark on the career trajectory that you desire!

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