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About Deepa Mahesh

Life & Leadership Coach

Deepa Mahesh facilitates Conscious Leadership Journeys enabling ambitious leaders achieve Success with Self-Mastery. Through coaching, workshops, and training, she enables her coachees and clients envision and manifest a life of balance that promises professional and personal wellbeing.

Wellbeing and Balance are our natural state of being, a state we access when there is least inner resistance in the form of unresourceful thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs. Deepa’s deepest desire is to enable ambitious leaders pause and root in their vision, ambitions, core values and resourceful thoughts so that they are able to shoot to their highest potential and live a life of joy and fulfilment.

I am on a mission to impact millions of ambitious Leaders, professionals and Visionaries to achieve Success and live to their highest potential while being Conscious of their Inner world of thoughts and emotions. I commit to enabling Inside-out transformation for living fulfilled

~ Deepa Mahesh

Her Trilogy of Work

A desire for deep, authentic work nudged Deepa to create a trilogy, a unique blend of psychology, expressive arts and spiritual science. Being a strong mental health advocate and a thorough OD professional for years gives an extra edge to her body of work.

Deepa’s work is experiential and facilitative. She believes that the client who raises a question also holds the answers deep within. Her role is to create a container through her presence and hold the structure through strategically framed goals to allow the client’s answers to show up thereby achieving sustainable success. In essence, she integrates the world of the west and the east, of psychology and spirituality, of structure and flow in her work.

The Joy of Bringing Transformation

As our clients walk out of the coaching and workshop space, they have deep clarity on their inner world of beliefs , thoughts and emotions. At Poorna Wellbeing, there is nothing more rewarding for us than to see the coachee’s and participants anchored and rooted in themselves, which, in turn, attracts and manifests the success they desire.

Those at the top leadership rung, find a neutral space with Deepa Mahesh to share their innermost thoughts, dilemmas and confusions. For many, Self-Mastery is a continuous process, as peeling layer after layer of masks and unresourceful patterns leads to the discovery of our personal power.

Deepa embodies transformation. Her life’s mission is to enable deep transformation in humanity.


Masters in Human Resources Management
MSc. Psychology
Certified Instructional Designer
Biography (Life Story Work) Consultant
Certified Expressive Arts Therapist
Positive Psychology Coach
Life & Leadership Coach

Mandala for Personal Transformation- Advanced Practitioner

Eurythmist- Artistic and Pedogogy

NLP Practitioner
Master Practitioner (40 + modalities for Self-Mastery & Personal Growth)


Why Clients Love Me

Kind Words

Deepa’s Journey

‘I am Not Good Enough’ to a Confident Entrepreneur

Born in a religious, conservative Brahmin family, she grew up in an atmosphere that was contrary to her free-spirited nature, morphing her into someone she was not. She followed everything obediently and became more and more dependent on others while curbing all her desires and dreams. She felt fragmented, she was splitting into a Deepa that she would believe as authentic.

She became what she was labelled as ‘a not good enough person’. And this feeling seeped into every area of her life as she grew up, be it motherhood, work-life, cooking, managing her home, and every other aspect. She never aimed high, never believed she can excel in anything. She enjoyed learning classical dance and music but left it midway like with everything else she did. It was because of this nagging belief and the constant pressure to excel (by someone else’s standards), she could never live her truth. She could never speak out or make decisions because she never knew how to. She lived in intense fear and emotional trauma, aspects about self she discovered much later in life.

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In her professional life as an HR Leader, she excelled in her work and was recognized by her superiors and stakeholders. However, it never gave her any satisfaction. It always felt like a “Bottomless pit”, yearning for more and more appreciation but nothing would satisfy her ever. This continued until realization dawned on the day she was about to receive the Best HR team award. She was not joyous working here, she quit not knowing what lay ahead.

Then embarked on a conscious journey of self-discovery, self-inquiry, learning, and more learning. In the decade that followed, she immersed herself in life changing experinces – spirituality, psychology, life story work, expressive arts to heal self, mind body connection, self love as a healing for her psoriasis, allowing sisterhood in her life, serve humanity through volunteering, read the scriptures, to name a few. She was transforming, blooming and uncovering her true self, her true potential. She was embodying Root to Shoot transformation.

Thereafter, there was no stopping. Deepa embarked on her mission to find and live her truth. Having realized her real essence, she began sharing her learning to help others in their path of transformation and self-discovery. In 2019, she founded Poorna Wellbeing.

Explorations in Search for a Meaning

1 to 7 Years - HAPPY ME
I was happy and joyous inside out.

Being the first grandchild and living with my grandparents, parents, and my uncles and aunts, life was full of love and happiness.

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Keeping up to my name Deepa (meaning light), I brought Light to those who came to me with the radiance of my joy. I was pure. (Indicated by black and white strokes).
7 TO 21 Years - A SPLIT WITHIN
At 7, I started fragmenting. My inner being experienced a range of feelings, starting from loneliness, extreme fear, guilt, shame, to being felt captive. My outer being exuded joy and radiance. And I believed the outer self was my truth.

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But all the while, I was confused to the core. I couldn’t choose my vocation, pursuits, or friends. I was dependent on my mother, which made me shrink further. But, at the same time, in it, I found solace because I didn’t have to do it all by myself.

The primary thought I nurtured about myself was “I am not good enough”. This was my truth. So, I depended heavily on others for everything and in that I chained myself.
The split continued silently. My inner self became darker, and it shrunk further. However, I believed, my outer surface was ever colourful.

I lived in the outer realm forgetting my inner darkness.

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There were life experiences in pockets full of true joy, enthusiasm, unconditional love, marriage, motherhood, happy family, and work success, to name a few. But was I satisfied with them? Yes, momentarily.

However, the void and the darkness inside grew. I was searching for something, for someone to fill my “Bottomless Pit”.

Each time I thought I found that person, experience, or object, I settled and travelled to the colourful outer. But without them, I quickly delved back to my dark inner, an inconsolable and lonely space.

My only respite was that I never stopped asking myself who I was. I longed to be my happy self without the aid of external factors but couldn’t find my way to that experience.

My yearning to find lasting joy grew with every experience of temporary happiness. The contrast brought me closer to my inner reality.
42 to 44 Years - A BREAKTHROUGH
Life circumstances brought me to a horizon wherein I found my life’s greatest learning.

The answer to what I was seeking, the truth unfolded before me.

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I, finally, experienced inner radiance, brilliance, and pure light energy.

I discovered the true meaning of my life experiences and worked through my trauma and beliefs with therapy, coaching, workshops, self-inquiry techniques, art, to name a few.

I became a Life-Long-Learner, a learner of the “Power of Myself”.

Now, I radiate the same inner energy outside too and touch numerous lives through my Being.

Finally, I am aligned. I am true to my name (Light).

I feel a completion within and outside. I am in awareness of my Divinity, my Power, my light. I am Rooted! I have arrived Home Within!
I hold the good and the bad within me. I hold all polarities, and at time go beyond!

I hold the seed and the flower.

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I am in full radiance, and I am complete.

There is no restlessness anymore.

I have found my answers, yet I am a lifelong seeker.

I love my life on this earth and look forward to more unfolding of experiences and more layers coming to my consciousness.

I bow down to the wisdom my life offers.

I engage in my daily practices that keep me Rooted deep to Shoot higher.


A Dive into Her Creative World

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