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Unlocking Emotional Intelligence in Organizations and Leaders in a unique way!

Humans in general find it difficult to express and communicate emotions, this gets harder in the corporate world. This is a world where humans are conditioned not to express and understand emotions because it “weakens them and effects work quality”. However, this is quite the opposite according to research. Organizations who focused on emotional intelligence,

  1. Have highly functional teams with increased team work
  2. Have increased awareness of each employees’ strengths and weaknesses
  3. Improved conflict management
  4. Increased career longevity
  5. Increased resilience to navigate through challenging times
  6. Improved mental health of each employee
  7. Have an environment of empathy and acceptance  

When it comes to the workplace, leading from the head is usually practiced but the volatile environment can trigger numerous emotions which can get in the way of success if not managed well. This can be managed if organizations focus on building emotional intelligence of employees and Leaders. To bridge this gap, we designed a product to serve the emotional intelligence needs of Organizations and Leaders- STORY CUBES.

What is “Story Cubes”?

Story Cubes is a medium to help you get solutions to challenging situations by getting in touch with your feelings and thoughts. It is a unique way to approach problem solving and aids in understanding the needs and inner feelings of oneself and team members. It is emotion-based tool that comprises of 9 cubes with various images printed on each side. These images are visual representations of common events, relationships, changes, objects, and emotions in life.

Although it can be used by service professionals, parents, teachers, children, and wellbeing seekers, this article will specifically focus on its application in the corporate world. This product caters to the 5 components of emotional intelligence by Goleman which comes with numerous benefits,

  • Self-Awareness (you will know your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, body, strengths and weaknesses)
  • Self-Regulation (you will be able to manage your emotions, manage your conflicts, and not let intense emotions affect you when making important decisions. You will be in more control)
  • Motivation (you will be intrinsically motivated towards your goals and produce quality work. You will be able to discover your purpose and vision)
  • Empathy (you will be able to understand and listen to your emotions and that of others too. This ensures increased team work and maximizes results)
  • Social Skills (you will manage conflicts assertively at the workplace, engage with stakeholders of the organizations, and be able to communicate effectively)

Additionally, it uses visual imagery and storytelling that helps build creative thinking, vocabulary, and emotional bonds.

How to use Story Cubes?

  1. Think of how you want to use the product in your personal or professional space
  2. Once the question is established, explore the images on each side of the cubes
  3. Intuitively pick and arrange as many cubes as you wish
  4. Connect the images and you will find the answer to your question/s

Simple, isn’t it?

We have an all-in-one solution for your emotional intelligence needs!

When are you investing in this unique product for yourself or for your organization?


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