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Team Engagements

Are you a Functional Head, HR Leader, or Organizational Leader and looking to stimulate Team Productivity and Effectiveness? If yes, here are some exciting team engagements for you.

Together we achieve More

  • Break silos and promote team ownership and bonding
  • Foster a trusting, harmonious, and creative environment 
  • Increase team productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
This Team Collaboration workshop is designed to deliver offline bespoke team building interventions through various OD methodologies and expressive arts.
Our modules include;
  • Team visioning
  • Building trusting teams
  • Enabling empathy amongst team members
  • Enhancing inter-department collaborations

Power up the Team Effectiveness

  • Take your team from the current to desired state
  • Align team goals with personal goals for holistic growth 
  • Elevate team mindset and create a team of achievers 

Our proven framework, based on Peter Senge’s “Fifth Discipline”, discovers the gaps in skills, behaviour, and mindset.

Our customized interventions will;

  • Enable the team members to discover the gaps in skills, behavior, and mindset
  • A step by step peak into the mindset and organizational growth
  • Empower them to transition from the current to the desired state

Rhythms of Togetherness

  • Dance your stress away to the rhythms of Indian folk music
  • Experience the healing powers of music and movement 
  • Form a deep bond with your fellow team members 
In this signature workshop, our dance facilitators will enable the employees to journey from Garba of Gujarat to Bihu of Assam, Bhangra of Punjab to the folk of Tamil Nadu.

What does it include?

  • Live percussion beats along with simple folk dance moves
  • Happy hormones that de-stress and cultivate community bonding
  • Release of stress and feeling of lightness by engaging the body, mind, emotions, and spirit

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