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  • Do you feel you are not living to your full potential or you want to achieve even more?
  • Do you want success at work and in your personal life, that too with a balance?
  • Do you want to create big results that will make a positive impact and leave a legacy?

If yes, we will create a space that will enable you to create massive business outcomes with ease and flow. You will Master your Energy to Master your Success Results.

Poornatva is a 6-month group coaching program and a conscious leadership transformation journey that will help you to achieve your highest potential at work and in life with balance and a high level of awareness. The foundation of Poornatva is rooted in the ancient Indian wisdom of Panchkoshas.

Unlock Your Full
Potential by Eliminating

Each one of us are born with unbridled potential but true success lies in aligning performance with that potential. In an ideal world, Performance equals Potential. Yet, obstacles like anxiety, self-doubt, and other life interferences disrupt this equation:

Performance = Potential - Interference

Imagine what’s possible when you eliminate these interferences. As a leader, you
and your team can reach 100% of the potential both at work and in life.

The result? Achieving your goals with effortless ease!

The Success Iceberg

Success outcomes are above the waterline. They are visible, tangible and easier to navigate.

Interferences are below the waterline. They are invisible, intangible and hence go unrecognized. 

Interferences suck the energy of the Leader and steeps them in unawareness of thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

“Conscious Leadership Development is
a never ending journey...”

Our Differentiator -
The Energy Mastery

The Poornatva Framework of Six Pillars of Energy Mastery will ignite the spark for Leadership Excellence and propel you to achieve Sustainable Results from a self-assured space of Clarity, Creativity and Confidence.

Pillar 1 – Body Mastery is about being aware of the body and use it as an instrument for Leadership action.

Pillar 2 – Rhythms Mastery is about consciously observing and engaging in routines that brings grounding and vitality.

Pillar 3 – Emotions Mastery is a process of emotional awareness, emotions transformation and regulation.

Pillar 4 – Mindset Mastery is about awareness of limiting and expansive thoughts and using this awareness to transform the mindset.

Pillar 5 – Leadership Mastery is about leading from core values and purpose and the capacity to access intuition for decision making.

Pillar 6 – Habits Mastery is at the core and is about installing habits in all the 5 pillars leading to an inner assuredness and balance.

What’s in it for you?

Create a career that gives you joy and purpose.

In this transformative journey you will:

  • Achieve energy mastery for leadership excellence and enhanced effectiveness
  • Heighten self-awareness to understand energy dynamics, emotions, and thoughts
  • Cultivate abilities to boost energy, sharpen decision-making, and strategic action
  • Nurture balance with work-life for enhanced happiness and work satisfaction
  • Lead authentically and amplify the capacity to inspire, motivate, and influence
  • Foster energy mastery within your teams and organization to accelerate growth
  • Build valuable network with like-minded leaders for mutual support and progress

This is for you if you:

  • Hold a middle or senior management position or have an entrepreneurship venture
  • Demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional growth
  • Are open-minded and willing to explore new approaches to leadership
  • Exhibit a strong desire to optimize your energy, well-being, and performance
  • Have the desire, bandwidth, and curiosity to engage in the activities and assignments
  • Can commit to the program’s time requirements and attend fully

Create a career that gives you joy and purpose.

Create a career that gives you joy and purpose.

The Journey Elements Include:

  • 14 Live Modules of 2.5 hours each
  • Leader Connect to bring in perspectives from role model leaders
  • Journal template with prompts to record your transformation journey
  • Community of practice – engagement through a WhatsApp group
  • Three One-on-one Coaching/Mentoring sessions
  • Impromptu face to face meet-ups
  • Practice support from the facilitator during and after the journey

Benefits during and after the transformation journey

Benefits during and after the transformation journey

Program Contents and Objectives

Intimacy circle

Build trust in self and co-participants

Envisioning the Highest Future

Strengthen your intention for the future

My Core Selfie

Experience your true inner self

Rhythms that Rock

Identify your Success rhythms

River of Life

Study the patterns of your life

Uncovering Life Patterns

Identify your Success rhythms

My Emotional Landscape

Uncover valuable lessons from your biography

Path to Emotional Regulation 

Regulate emotions and transcend trigger patterns

My Beliefs Landscape

Experience the power of limiting and expansive
thoughts and beliefs

Dancing with Expansive Beliefs

Learn to transform limiting beliefs to expansive beliefs systematically

Emotions & Beliefs Observation

Practice emotional and thought awareness

Attuning with my body

Appreciate the power of the body to deliver results and heal itself

Dialogue with my body practice

Experience mind-body connection

Balanced Decision Making 

Practice the art of decision making from head, heart and intuition

Deepening my Presence

Practice mindfulness and stillness to deepen awareness

Celebrating the Leader in Me

Celebrate the Leadership journey together

About the Facilitator

Founder & CEO of Poorna Wellbeing, Deepa Mahesh is a Leadership Coach and Facilitator. As a Self-Mastery Expert, Deepa facilitates Conscious Leadership Journeys through her coaching, workshops, and training programs.

Majoring in Psychology, armed with a Masters in Human Resource Management, she initially worked for some of the top corporates of India including Aditya Birla Group as an HR Leader. In search of her purpose, she quit to invest time in herself which finally led to the birth of her entrepreneurial venture, through which she has served thousands of leaders to walk on the path of purpose and achieve success.

Dance & other arts have been her friends since childhood. Her curiosity to explore the mind-body connection led her to exploring expressive arts therapy as her profession and thereafter practicing as an embodiment coach for leaders. As a natural progression, she completed her 6 years Eurythmy training in 2022.

She now holds Eurythmy workshops for adults and teaches the curriculum to primary school students of Kingdom of Childhood, a Waldorf school in Bangalore.

A TEDx Speaker, Mandala Artist & teacher, an Eurythmist, a teacher, a Dancer, an embodiment coach, Poet and an Upcoming Author, Deepa balances her life with a myriad of passion projects. She is a lifelong seeker and her seeking enables her to integrate varied methodologies in her life and her work. She holds Love in her essence and spreads her energy to all those who come in contact with her presence.

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