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About Poorna Wellbeing

Empowering Leaders to Achieve Sustained Success from a Self-Assured Inner Space

Impacting Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

Poorna Wellbeing is a Root to Shoot Leadership Transformation Company on a mission to create Conscious Achievers and Leaders with a holistic approach. We specialize in enabling you to root in your core values and resourceful patterns to enhance the outer impact you want to create.

Balance in the Inner Leads to Performance in the Outer

Uniqueness in our Approach

We Integrate Psychological Frameworks, Expressive Arts, and Spiritual Science to bring the desired Balance and Transformation in life and careers.

When you befriend your mind using our thought clarifying methodologies and practices, you will access the key to your vision of living a beautiful, purposeful lifestyle sans burnout, stress, and anxiety.

An Expression of Our Mission

The root (the inside of a person) has to be joyfully strengthened to achieve the desired shift.

As we work on the depth and the spread of the joyful roots, we bring in the desired root to shoot transformation.

The Sun Mandala framework symbolizes vitality, energy, radiance and growth at the inner core.

Finally, with inner clarity and depth comes outer splendor and balanced life. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world!

This is the process of self-mastery, i.e. transformation in managing thoughts, emotions and behaviour. It symbolises living with a sense of clarity and purpose.

When you say "I dont have time to care for my body, my emotions or myself" it is like the seed telling "I dont have time to root". This process is unsustainable for living fulfilled.

~ Deepa Mahesh

Our Values


We enable you to achieve a balance in life to get you complete wellbeing


We commit to deliver transformation when you apply our tools and techniques.


We deliver our services based on an in-depth understanding of the human potential.


We stand for honesty and transparency, which reflects in our actions.


We listen deeply to our clients’ expressed and latent needs.


We enable you to envision the achievement you desire through self-awareness and self inquiry.

Our Clientele

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